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About Phegivef Achievements
From the Founder's Desk…

I am very pleased to welcome you…

It exalts me with immense pleasure to know that PHEGIVEF is marching around the central pivot which is the creative objective. Keeping in mind the words of Mahatma Gandhi that growth must be preached upon student, nature and environment.

PHEGIVEF make the learners build in them a repertoire of experiences and make them fit to keep pace dexterously with the changing nature of the society to which they belong.

"The important thing is not where you were or where you are but where you want to get to". The ultimate aim of PHEGIVEF is to provide young minds the vibrant environment for Talents which has always been the top priority.

Under his (lord) benign and pragmatic guidance and leadership, PHEGIVEF has grown in reputation and merit, today, regarded among the best in India, sooner across World. I believe…
The best way to develop a skill is by doing it with commitment. Winners are not made by machines. They are made from something which is deep inside them… idea, devotion and adherence.
- Shri Vishnu Priya

With so much said, PHEGIVEF will definitely be a sincere place to explore talents by balancing with the fusion of growth.

Peacefully yours,
Happy to Help:
*pivot – axis, spindle, fulcrum, center, heart
*repertoire – collection, series, stock, range, group
*dexterously – calmly, regularly, well, efficiently, quickly
*benign – kind, caring, gentle, friendly, compassionate
*pragmatic – practical, realistic, logical, reasonable, down-to-earth, matter-of-fact
*adherence – obedience, loyalty, faithfulness, observance, attachment

And… Here we go !
Entering 5th YEAR Date : 12/12/2016
Entering 5th YEAR

Happy 5th Birthday to Phegivef...

Phegivef, Celebrates its 5th Birthyday on 12.12.2017

It was Started on 12.12.2012, with his (Lord) Grace and Blessings It Enters its 5th Year...

Feeling more Gratitude... Feeling even more Responsible on the path...

Thanks for everyones support...

Loving you 

Shri. Vishnupriya

Latest Contest
5th International Level Painting and Pencil Sketching Competition 2018
Start Date: 10/10/2018 End Date: 20/12/2018
7th National Level ART and CRAFT Competition 2018
Start Date: 23/06/2018 End Date: 15/08/2018
4th International Level Painting and Pencil Sketching Competition 2017
Start Date: 21/10/2017 End Date: 30/11/2017
6th National Level Art and Craft Competition
Start Date: 25/05/2017 End Date: 31/07/2017
Start Date: 03/01/2017 End Date: 06/03/2017