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About Founder
Shri Vishnu Priya, the Founder of PHEGIVEF, is the 2nd daughter of Sri. Dr. B. Vijayakumar (Naturopathy) and Smt. Krishna Vijayakumar with two sisters (one yelder & one younger) in an ordinary middle class family in Chennai, Tamil Nadu District, India. Priya, as her parents fondly called her say that she was a very enthusiastic kid, always interested in learning new things. Though her parents were normally educated, her mother observed her daughter's interest in arts and encouraged her towards creativity. So he did her schooling in the local Govt. High School. With the support from all her family members, she joined Diploma in Fine Arts, Chennai. She always dreamt of pursuing Arts, with that goal in mind, she worked hard and obtained great results.

With the advice of her teacher and parents, she started her Art Classes in her 10 years at her home named, Mummy Daddy Arts & Crafts, which identified her teaching qualities and enormous organizing abilities which lead her to takeover an Art Gallery.
The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion to the people around us. She felt that providing quality teaching was far better than serving food and shelter to the needy. The founder firmly believes that "Creativity is simply the soul for growth as it passes from one generation to another". That was when PHEGIVEF was born out of her feelings to serve & nurture creative identity.

I want to mark few lines of Mahatria Ra… Only when you have a vision for tomorrow, you will find the power and purpose in your today.

The name was chosen as the founder was known on a close research towards the achievements of most successful business people. The similarities, qualities, principles among them were surpricingly same across the world, they developed their financial sustainability and also their significant contribution towards aesthetic enhancement to build internationally recognized organizations have been taken as an inspiration…
Passion with excellence
High energy levels
Empowering communicators
Goals and methodology to achieve it
Individual decision making
Values – stand point
Extraordinary in relationships
Faith – Face Anything In Trusting Him
…and the word "PHEGIVEF" is born with 1st alphabet of those success principles.

The role of a trainer is to bring out the best in every individual and with the right ambience. With this motto she established "The PHEGIVEF".
Her vision of providing "Value & Skill" made her adventurous all through. Her persistent work drives her always, she says. She helps the students explore their own potential and made them realize that creativity, hard work, dedication and commitment are the only means to get themselves a pathfinder.

Journey to 3rd Anniversary... Date : 29/12/2014
Journey to 3rd Anniversary...

It is our immence pleasure to share about our Founder Smt. Shri. Vishnupriya

She always strives to give the best and works on to achieve destinated goal.

Here is a success sharing... Now Phegivef has touched to 2210 participants... Across India!

We are happy and blessed to share this to all...

And our gratitude and thanks to everyone behind this success!!!

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