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How does Phegivef website help a person who loves art & creativity?
We offer a platform for artists who belong to any age into 3 different categories such as STUDENTS / ARTISTS / OTHERS to explore thier personal and professional talents. Each module has easy to use FORMS where the interested one can customize and control all aspects of their needs. Interested can upload image/s in EXHIBITION which galleries the creativity, and post pages on IDEA ROOM with any Creative Idea they want with description/ methodology.
Who are Phegivef members?
Painters, Artists, Craft artists, Teachers, Students, Photographers, Sculptors, Jewelers, Printmakers, Fiber artists, Ceramicists, Mixed media artists, Digital artists, Home makers, Hobby Artist and more.
Why do I need Phegivef website?
A website is essential to promoting your work. We provide our members with the simplest way to create a customized Exposure for Arts. No computer expertise required! Phegivef is also a major Internet art talent destination.
Do I have to make my own Art work to Display / Share?
Phegivef has developed few conveniences, so all members can easily exhibit their dream come true Art Talents on a beautiful recognized Platform. To begin: sign up; add your artwork and any other pages you require based on your need.
How long will it take to get my Display live on the website?
You can start sending your art works using the forms available. As soon as you upload, we take time review & accept from Control panel. This process would get over maximum within 48 hours (approximately) and you can view your Art work based on your requirement either in Exhibition/Idea Room as mentioned in the form will be displayed on the site online with the particulars as mentioned by you in the FORM submitted. Meanwhile you will also receive a Mail Approval as conformation of display. (Kindly read "I agree with all Terms & Conditions by Phegivef before going with any process).
How long will it be displayed?
Based on the entry and the response by the viewers and also the requirement of the public will be taken as a major criteria. A minimum of 1 month display is guaranteed & irrelevant to that duration of the art work displayed on the website will be changed by the Founder at any point of time for any valid reason if before 1 month of specified duration as mentioned.
What types of Art Exhibiting choices do I have?
Phegivef offers EXHIBITION which includes customizable details where you can choose multiple art works. You can change your design with a click of the mouse. Also we offer a page for IDEA ROOM, where you can exhibit your art talent by teaching or helping people How to make or create an art / craft work customized on two different platforms as ART CLUB & CRAFT CLUB.
What is IDEA ROOM & How do I update/manage my creativity there?
Your Phegivef website comes with a user friendly Forms. Fill your FORM using your details and easily control all aspects of your requirement, including: Final Image of your artwork, Step by step images which galleries the whole concept of your art work, About Image, Video URL, and more.
What are the Phegivef working hours?
The Phegivef timings are as follows: Monday to Saturday, 10:30 A.M – 7:00 P.M
What are the various channels through which one can acquire (BUY/SELL) artworks with Phegivef?
  • You can acquire an artwork from the physical locations in Coimbatore – Tamil Nadu
  • By filling on the Order Now option in our website on the Boutique page. This will automatically send your request to one of our specialists who will revert to you within 48 hours.
  • By emailing you enquiry directly to
  • By calling our Happy to Help Team in +91 86959 81229 or +91 99524 29262
  • Kindly read Terms & Conditions for SALE by Phegivef before processing
Can artworks purchased at Phegivef be delivered locally or shipped overseas?
Artworks purchased in Coimbatore (In and around Coimbatore) are delivered to the customer as a complimentary gesture. Artworks purchased within India are delivered using a courier service and the cost of which is based on actuals and borne by the customer, and takes few working days (based on the Artwork). Artworks purchased overseas are packaged and shipped by Phegivef and are also insured by us until they are received by the customer. The freight and crate charges are borne by the customer and are based on actuals. The delivery of artworks overseas takes up to 10 working days for overseas shipments from the date of despatch.
What if my artwork does not arrive in the given time frame?
We provide a tracking number for each shipment overseas as well as within the country. You can choose to track your shipment or the courier companies used or alternatively have someone from the Art Advisory give you a status on the exact location of the artwork.
Does the website include all the works available in Phegivef`s inventory?
The website is updated every week – we strive to keep the information on our website up to date, however if you have any specific queries in regard to an artwork please send in your query to:
How can I keep up-to-date with events at Phegivef?
Please refer to the PLANNER section on the website which will give details on EVENTS in all our Activities.
Where can I find information about the history of Phegivef?
Phegivef was officially established in 12.12. 2012 in Coimbatore, India and has growth since 1989 on All Mediums of Modern art. A detailed history of the Phegivef is available in About Phegivef & Phegivef Achievements section on the Home page of the website.
How can I find out about job opportunities at the Phegivef?
Recruitment is handled by the HR Department at Coimbatore – Tamil Nadu. Please submit your resume`s to
If I am interested in selling my work, how do I go about it?
You can send us an image of the art work or any product you wish to sell with caption, size, medium, contact details if and complete provenance details to confirm that art work is yours. This will be sent for assessment to our advisory panel and we will get back, within a 48hours from the date of submission of all details.

If you have any other query that is not answered here, please email and we will get back to you.

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3rd International Level Painting and Pencil Sketching Competition 2016
Start Date: 19/09/2016 End Date: 24/12/2016
Start Date: 19/09/2016 End Date: 28/12/2016